at Hamilton House

Purpose in Practice by Assembly x Upstarter

Thu 22 Feb 2024, 6:00PM – 8:00 PM at Pervasive Media Studios, BS1 5TX

Finance doesn’t work for the new ideas that need it most, so how can investment work for new founders? 

Join us to hear what’s out there, what works and how the market is changing with people who get the ‘game’ of finding investment.

In this event, hear firsthand experience of founders and professionals who’ve sought, secured or passed up investment as they’ve created businesses they believe in.

If you’re a startup or someone who wants to see new ideas in the City get the money they need, this event is an opportunity to come together and learn what’s possible.

We’re pleased to bring you this new series of smaller collab events after a six-month break! 

As always, we focus on the detail, not the hype. No PowerPoint, just direct conversations, your questions and discussion.

Who’s speaking:

  • Edward Jenkins is a music industry professional, turned music tech founder. He works for Bristol’s venue Lost Horizon, Glastonbury’s Shangri-La and has now founded Volumetric Video Ltd, a platform that gives new artists access to worldwide audiences.
  • Derek Tanner has 20 years of experience helping startups grow, innovate, and find finance, working directly with investors and funders. In new role as Enterprise Manager for Black South Network, he’s focussed on levelling the field 
  • Gill Wildman is a creative business mentor, programme designer and facilitator. She’s propelled by demystifying business, including developing new tools for underserved founders. 
  • Daniel Oliver has 15 years experience in startups, social enterprises and purpose-led business. As a founder of Bristol Energy Coop he took the company through its first financial raise. As an advisor and mentor, he’s supported startups to navigate social investment and commercial startup finance.
Who’s behind this?

  • Purpose in Practice asks questions that matter to anyone building a business they believe in. Our events create conversations with founders and about what’s important, how to act and what they need. Our mini-site features case studies.
  • It’s run by Assembly, a local company working with startups and teams to build businesses they believe in. We support organisations to find new areas of growth and put good ideas into practice.