at Hamilton House

Roller Skating

Learn to rollerskate with Alice in Rollerland
Provided by Yuup

Pictures & classes provided by Yuup

Have you got a pair of skates but no idea what to do with them? Whether you want to be a roller-disco star, pick up a new skill or simply have fun with friends, this one and a half hour workshop is the perfect place to start.

Classes provided Yuup, they have got Bristol’s Roller Diva, Alice in Roller Land. She will start from the very beginning, getting you warmed up before showing you the correct way to lace up your skates and gracefully get to your feet. Once you’re comfortable and stable in a standing position, you’ll move on to learning the correct posture and importantly… how to fall safely and how to stop! The studio’s sprung floor will help cushion the inevitable early tumbles but please bring protective gear and a helmet.

By the end of the experience, you’ll have also covered gliding, turning and the basics of backward skating and will be ready to carry on practicing on your own.

Minimum fitness level required.