An Interview With RTiiiKa

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Meet RTiiiKa / Rosa.

RTiiiKA (pronounced ‘Ah-tieka’) is a multi-tasking art & design studio - so her work spans illustration, graphic design, mural art, performance and branding projects. We caught up with her to talk about what she’s been working on, how she’s been finding Hamilton House and a bit about she got here.

How long have you been at Hamilton House? Why did you decide to come here in particular?

I joined in August 2018. I was looking for a studio where I could work on digital artwork, but also have the space to make a mess and paint. It was great to find a spot that was so central, and especially great to have so much natural sunlight - and a good view of the city too.

Have you been involved in producing artwork locally? What events have you got coming up? Working on anything new?

The circus show “The Penguin & I” is coming to Bristol! So come see me under my mask and some amazing immersive circus story telling /// 11th April, Klub Loco - behind Temple Meads. 

You can also spot my artwork around town - one of my first murals ‘Butch Love’ is on Feeder Road in St Phillips. This summer I will also be painting a mural in Cyprus and performing as part of a female artist collective in Finland.

This month I’ve been designing a website for an empowerment-focussed modelling platform in Amsterdam, and created artwork for football badges for Nike with Studio Moross.

So it’s a real mixed bag!

I’m always interested to collaborate with local businesses, so please get in touch if you have a blank wall to paint. I can do it!

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What is your background? Where did you grow up and study? Did you go to university? If so, what uni and what course did you study?

Working as a “creative” was not something I planned for - in fact I was really trying my best to become anything but an artist. I even visited Bristol Uni for Law when I was filling in my UCAS forms. 

With a bit of luck that didn’t happen - I ended up studying in Amsterdam and soon realised I was putting more attention into how my Powerpoint slides looked, than the actual content of my degree. 

So that was a turning point for me. I’ve since put my energy into learning design programs, making music videos, drawing zines, screenprinting, and meeting other creative people who have managed to make this their career!

What inspires your work? Who inspires your work? Who were your previous influencers? 

I enjoy making work that embraces colour, form, humour and fun. I’m interested in how to condense ideas into block colours, forms and bodies - something I really enjoy about Olympia Zagnoli’s work. 

How has your work changed and progressed over time? 

I started off wanting to make digital artwork that resembled the Facebook illustration style you’ll see on your feed. A very tech-friendly icon-based style. 

I’m now interested in combining digital / analogue, scanning textures and strokes into collage works. I’m trying to find the sweet spot between order and mess. 


You can find more of Rosa’s work on her website and Instagram below: