The Audition by Beth Richards

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Created by one of our very own members in the building, Beth Richards, The Audition is a beautiful animation depicting the barriers in place for people with learning difficulties and disabilities to get into the creative arts, such as television and acting. The Audition is inspired and based on Beth’s own research; interviews with actors and others in the TV and film industry. The animation shows Buster’s experience at an audition that describes itself as inclusive, but is not necessarily equipped to be learning disability friendly. The Audition is funny, sweet and a real insight into the perspective of those with learning disabilities and the challenges they face on a day to day basis as well. It shows how everyone can help to make a better experience for those with learning difficulties.

Beth herself wants to branch into television and knowing her personality, we think she would do amazing things! Beth also helps us out every week on reception and has a lovely, friendly, funny personality.

To check out the full animation, head to the vimeo link at the bottom of the screen or click here.

Beth is a member of the Misfits Theatre, who are based in the building. The Misfits Theatre is a performance and social group led by people with learning difficulties. This wonderful organisation creates a vibrant space for people with learning difficulties to explore performance and be in a social group of like minded people with the same interests. To find out more about the Misfits Theatre, head to their website here.

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