at Hamilton House

Monday Yoga

Monday Ashtanga Yoga with Rachel Lindars Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga 18:30-19:30 in Hamilton House

Join Rachel in this dynamic flowing practice where she will guide you through a variety of postures adapted from the Ashtanga primary series sequence. Expect a faster-paced flow of postures including sun salutations to start, followed by a sequence of standing and seated postures, then finishing with a few postures lying down before heading to final relaxation (Savasana).

Rachel really enjoys teaching classes that are accessible to all with options along the way for both beginners and those with regular practice. Within the class there will be options for varying levels of ability or energy levels, so everyone is welcome.

Please bring your own mat and anything else you might like for your practice. Ashtanga is a practice that can be done without props but if you know your body and enjoy using props, or if you aren’t sure, you can bring some along if you like.
Classes can also be found on Move GB